Hi, I'm Jason.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer of digital products and systems. I meld a meticulous approach to the craft with a strong business acumen, systems mindset, and an investigative approach to problem solving.

I'm currently working on...

Building the design system and Design Systems team at Gusto. This is the next phase of our rebrand, which I worked on prior.

The rebrand was about rediscovering who we are and how to express that visually. Design systems is the quest to infuse our product with personality in a consistent but captivating way.

redesigning gusto

Before that...

I primarily focused on Gusto's Benefits product, making it easier for employers to take care of their employees and making it easier for employees to take care of themselves.

simplifying healthcare


I've also worked on a number of projects for the broader EPD org or Gusto as a whole. Often these were visioning projects, but my favorite was designing our new office.

making Gusto's home