Jason Marder
I'm a multidisciplinary designer of brands, websites, systems, and spaces with a deep love for craft, strong business acumen, and insatiable curiosity.

I'm currently focused on my independent practice, J Train (website coming soon). I work on a lot of Web3 projects (within and outside of VectorDAO) because the space is really new and complex. Similarly, I have a broad appetite for working with "world-positive companies" navigating uncharted opportunity spaces. Storytelling and brand-building tend to have outsize impact when novelty and complexity are high.

My last full-time thing was at Stripe, as a digital designer. During my time there, I had amazing opportunities to work with very senior leaders across numerous teams and products, a lot of which were brand new.

I oversaw the design and development of Stripe’s first branded payment terminals, incubated a new sub-brand and product suite for Solopreneurs, and built an identity & immersive web experience for our yearly conference, Sessions, which was forced to move online during the pandemic. (Encouragingly, it will be back in person in 2023.)

I also redesigned the Stripe mobile apps, built a themeable operating system for payment readers, developed animation systems, evolved our Docs' design language, and obsessed probably a bit too much over gradients.

Before Stripe, I was at Gusto. There I had a very special opportunity to work on rebranding Gusto for the next 10+ years. This remains a career highlight.

Gusto truly embodies the mission to create a world where work empowers a better life. And thus, our task was to create a people-centric brand that celebrates our hardworking customers and embraces what it means to be 'human' at work. "Overall, nothing revolutionary here but a good, crisp, and lively execution." Thanks Brand New.

While at Gusto, I also founded our design systems team, ensuring the brand carried through to the product. And I led the design of our new San Francisco HQ, which Inc named one of the world’s 10 most beautiful offices in 2019.

Outside of work-work, I advise and invest in early stage companies, both directly and as an LP in Designer Fund and Ligature.

When I'm not at the computer, I love to DJ, make delicious meals for friends (once upon a time I was the sous chef at Sorrel when it was just a popup), laugh heartily, and dance my ass off. And since I'm a New Yorker, I do love me some Knicks basketball.