Hi, I'm Jason.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer with a meticulous approach to the craft, strong business acumen, systems mindset, and an investigative approach to problem solving.

I'm now at Stripe, leading design for our in–person payments products. Before Stripe, I was at Gusto, where I led our rebrand, redesign, and design systems efforts.

Gusto redesign.

I led Gusto's product redesign and developed our new design language. I also helped build the Design Systems team. We worked together to make Gusto more consistent, usable, expressive and accessible.

Gusto redesign

Gusto benefits.

I worked on a number of Gusto's benefits experiences, making it easier for employers to take care of their employees and for employees to take care of themselves.

Gusto Benefits

Gusto SFHQ.

I also worked on a number of projects for the broader Gusto EPD org or Gusto as a whole. Often these were visioning projects, but my favorite was designing our new office.

Gusto SFHQ